Grease Guardian X

Giving grease a new life!

The grease collected from the Grease Guardian is a high quality oil, rather than discarding the pollutant it could be recycled to produce a valuable commodity. Recycling the oil to produce biofuel is environmentally sustainable, through minimizing carbon emissions and helping to improve air quality. The waste oil is an excellent power source due to its high energy density.

Benefits of Biodiesel

Biodiesel is an energy efficient and sustainable fuel, it has some great benefits over petroleum diesel, producing 4.5 units of energy against every unit of fossil fuel energy. This renewable fuel option reduces foreign oil dependency and importation costs, not every country has its own crude oil reserve; if a country can produce its own fuel, it is more independent and economically stable. For example, creating tax incentives for hybrids and raising fuel economy standards for vehicles will reduce the US reliance on foreign oil. Methods of reducing greenhouse gas emissions is an important and serious game when aiming to tackle the climate crisis. It is well known that fossil fuel consumption contributes to climate change, recycled waste oil is a renewable resource, it is a greener and cleaner option. One study from Australia shows that using biodiesel from waste oil can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80%. Biofuels are a high quality performing fuel; they can be used in standard diesel vehicles with little modifications and help engines last longer as the oil is not as viscous as diesel.

When it comes to sustainability and environmental protection innovative designs and technology are essential. Biodiesel is one way in which the collected oil can be recycled; other uses for the oil include energy pellets, animal feed and cosmetic products. The waste industry is continually striving to create new technologies to benefit from waste.

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