From Superyachts to Sports Arenas Grease Guardian have you covered!

Grease removal units are essential in any food catering establishment, Grease Guardians have been installed in the Universities, Superyachts, Hotels and Sports stadiums across the globe. We are delighted to have our Grease traps installed in Al Thumama Stadium, Quatar where the World Cup will be hosted later on this year. Grease traps are the perfect solution to effectively managing grease and from protecting sewers and drains of the locality. Grease Guardian can be installed in almost any kitchen its unique, compact design allows it to be easily installed in a range of spaces.

The Grease Guardian automatically traps and removes grease, whilst filtering solid food waste, the unit requires less pump outs compared to other grease traps, therefore reducing costs. The unit is easy to maintain and waste grease can be collected in a container for recycling.

Reduced energy consumption

The Grease Guardian is energy efficient, contributes to reduced carbon emissions, better waste management along with financial benefits. A built in timer allows for the heating element, spray bar and skimming wheel to only be active at certain times throughout the day as needed for example, at lunch and dinner time thus reducing energy consumption.  A built in motion sensor detects movement in the kitchen when no movement is detected the unit turns itself off thus saving energy. The new easy to use PLC control system allows the user to easily utilize the built in energy saving mode. A thermal cut-off system gives the heating element a maximum heat before it automatically turns off, this takes into account safety and energy consumption. Low voltage heating element design allows for minimum energy consumption when unit is active.

The Grease Guardian is compact compared to other larger grease traps, using a grease trap promotes recycling for example, regenerating waste cooking oil into biodiesel. Grease guardian regards waste cooking oil as a raw material rather than a waste product.

A grease trap allows for more effective grease management, FOG are separated by the Grease Guardian allowing the user to easily dispose of waste in the appropriate collection containers. An effective grease management system will maintain a hygienic working environment and will prevent odors. Installing a Grease Guardian will provide peace of mind knowing that your kitchen complies with council regulations and laws alomg with preventing sewer blockages and public health issues. 

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