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FOG – Where is it coming from?

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We have continued to outline and decode FOG ordinances from around the country. Clearly defined standards, regulations, and obligations are vital in creating an effective and wide spread FOG management program. The additional piece to this puzzle is WHO should be included under your city-wide FOG ordinance. It is not always easy to know where FOG may be coming from and who are the most significant FOG producers in an area. That is why setting clear standards helps everyone involved. Not all commercial kitchens, restaurants, commercial kitchens, mixed use buildings, and super markets are the same but they usually all share some common characteristics and appliances.

Mixed Use Building and Supermarkets:

Mixed Use Building – Often through redevelopment and gentrification, the rise in mixed use buildings, that include a food establishment, have caused problems for city sewer systems around the country. These new food establishments, and therefore FOG producers, were never considered when the city sewer system and waste water treatment plants were designed. This increased FOG waste is causing a huge strain on the system, leading to damaged and clogged sewer lines! It is important that city officials include these new FOG producers under any ordinance and for the owners to be diligent in upgrading their personal grease management. Through upgraded equipment, like the Grease Guardian, or diligent kitchen habits likes scraping plates, we can all do our part!

Super Markets – Supermarkets are no longer just places where you buy groceries, many now include an extensive hot foods and prepared meals section. FOG that was not accounted for when the store was built. Many existing grease interceptors are undersized and will fail. The Grease Guardian X Series is a perfect solution to take the strain off an existing interceptor. Installed at the source, FOG waste is captured and removed, never making it to the outside interceptor. Taking the strain off the existing interceptor and reducing its pump out frequency.

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