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Waste reduction is a big focus for everyone.  Innovative companies have been able to turn waste products such as coffee grounds and cooking oil into fuel to help heat building and homes.  Biodiesel is another alternative source of fuel made from vegetable oils, tallow and waste cooking oil.  Some cities have buses, garbage trucks and buildings fueled from Biodiesel.  This is certainly helping to reduce the amount of waste otherwise being thrown away.  Our weekly blog highlights the problem and expense that FOG waste can cause for local water authorities.


Fog waste comes from the food we cook.  Foods high in fat such as butter, meat, sauces and cooking oil will increase FOG waste in restaurants and homes.  If FOG waste enters the sewer system it will block and restrict the flow of waste water in the sewer and can result in flooding, slow drainage, sewer back-ups and foul smells.  A fatberg the size of a school bus and one the size of an aeroplane have been removed in the UK!  Over 60 percent of blockages are caused by FOG waste but in some cities this figure rises to 80 percent.


Restaurants should install a grease trap or grease interceptor to reduce FOG waste entering the sewer system.  The volume of waste being produced by busy kitchens highlights the importance of grease traps.  Grease Guardian manufactures and distributes automated grease traps all over the world. Grease traps can be installed under sinks, pot washes, combi ovens and floor drains.  The size of the grease trap needed will depended on how many kitchen appliance are entering the unit.

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