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FOG Terms Decoded

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Decoding and understanding the terms that are used in any FOG ordinance can help ensure that everyone involved knows exactly his or her responsibility is. From food establishment owner, specifying engineer, or city official, everyone must play a role to help build an effective grease management program. Our team at Grease Guardian can be a resource! We have participated in FOG programs all over the globe and have the application expertise to handle any job. Here are a few terms and ideas to keep in mind when working with grease interceptors…

Food Service Establishments – Exact classifications or details may differ slightly, FOG ordinances usually apply to, but not limited to, restaurants, hotel kitchens, hospital kitchens, school kitchens, bars, factory cafeterias, retail bakeries and food service establishments. There is usually some discretion left to the municipality running the program but chances are if you fall into one of these categories, grease management equipment will be required! Check your local ordinance for exact details.

Best Kitchen management practice – these are the procedures that are designed to prevent or minimize environmental damage from a FSE, in this case grease discharge. This can include things such as treatment requirements, operating procedures, practices to control spillage, and waste disposal. FSEs have a responsibility to design and follow procedures that protect against excess grease discharge.

Gallons Per Minute (GPM) – Units are tested and certified to handle flow rates and grease capacity. These flow rates are based off the kitchen fixtures that run through the interceptor. The size and number of fixtures will determine the size of the interceptor you will need. Grease Guardian can assist in correctly sizing up an interceptor for your next project.

Grease Removal Device – The term is used to describe interceptors that not only capture and retain grease, but also automatically remove grease into a secondary container. The Grease Guardian is an example of this type of equipment. By removing grease daily, you extend the time it takes for the equipment to reach its grease retention capacity. This leads to longer periods of time between pump outs, saving you money!

Have a look at the Connecticut FOG Ordinance link below. As one of the longest running and most successful programs in the country, us it to help in starting your own city FOG management program!


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