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Proper grease management starts at the planning stages of any restaurant, kitchen, or building design. Properly accounting for kitchen fixtures / peak flows, number of meals, and cooking habits all have influence over the equipment necessary to properly handle grease waste.

Working with engineers is a huge part of what we do at Grease Guardian, designing equipment that is both effective and flexible. Allowing engineers, the latitude to work with our equipment in almost all circumstances.

Let us assist you on your next grease management project:

  1. Call us with your questions. We have decades of experience in the FOG and wastewater industry. We can assist you with answering any related questions. Advising on both equipment and applications.
  2. Send us your plans. Sizing up a proper grease interceptor, like the Grease Guardian, is imperative to a successful outcome. Let us review your kitchen designs and let us help in determining the necessary flow rate coming from your kitchen. Ensuring that you have the best possible FOG management system in place.
  3. Application expertise. Let us work with you on determining the proper equipment, location, and layout of the necessary interceptor(s). Grease Guardians are built to be flexible with the smallest possible footprint. Our knowledgeable staff and distributor team can make suggestions and provide custom drawing upon request.

Our equipment has unlimited grease removal potential with the smallest possible footprint. Making it an engineers best friend. You no longer sacrifice quality for space. Our full line of equipment can help you with the smallest of applications all the way up to the most demanding grease management projects. Let us be a resource to you.

For more information about Grease Guardian or general questions about grease management please contact us directly. We strive to provide engineers, customers, and city municipalities with the equipment and details to meet their grease projects.

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