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This week’s blog takes us to Vancouver.  Vancouver is now running a campaign to warn residents about the danger of disposing cooking waste such as Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) down the drain after experiencing problems with fatbergs.  On average they are spending over $2 million each year tackling the problem.  They aim to educate residents on the importance of disposing FOG waste correctly and following best practices in the kitchen.

The foods we cook with everyday produce FOG waste.  Foods like oil, mayonnaise, gravy, butter and dairy products will produce FOG waste and small changes when cooking and cleaning can help reduce the amount going down drains.  Wiping of excess grease and fats from plates before washing, storing used oil in a jar or container and reducing the amount of wet-wipes and household waste being flushed down toilets will help.

Grease Traps are now a requirement for most FOG producing kitchens and are now becoming an essential piece of kitchen equipment.  Failure to install and maintain a grease trap in cites can result in a fine or further inspections.

There are a number of systems available to reduce the FOG problem and Grease Guardian has a range of products which can help.  The Grease Guardian grease traps are available in both manual and an automatic range.  The manual grease trap can be installed under sinks but will need to be emptied at least once per month.  For larger kitchens the automatic grease traps are popular as they automatically separate and remove FOG waste from kitchen waste water.

It is important that grease traps are correctly sized and are accessible for maintenance.  Installing sink strainers can reduce the amount of food waste entering the drain which can reduce blockages and smells.  The Food Guardian range by Grease Guardian prevents food waste blockages and is ideal for food preparation sinks and meat counters.

More information and specifications can be found on the website and if you have any questions on the products please call us.

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