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A recent fatberg was discovered in Cumbria UK that resulted in raw sewage flooding a busy road.  For any new readers a fatberg is a congealed mass of Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) which is found in the sewer and does not break down.  This can results in damaged pipes and drains and can even lead to problems in pumping stations.

In the case above pressure water jets and suction pumps were needed to resolve the problem.  Fatbergs are normally the result of oils and other waste being poured down sinks and drains and not being disposed correctly.  In most towns and cities fatbergs are discovered in areas that are populated with take-aways and restaurants.

A grease trap or grease interceptor is a device designed to intercept Fats, Oil and Grease before they enter the waste water system.  The waste water from kitchen sinks is directed through the inlet of a grease trap.  The grease trap then separates FOG waste from water .  FOG waste is lighter than water and will rise to the top of the grease trap.  Clear water leaves the unit and enters the drainage system.

In most cities FOG programmes are in operation that requires any FOG producing kitchen to install and maintain a grease trap.  Grease traps are normally located under kitchen sinks but can also be connected to pot wash sinks, combi-ovens, Asian woks and floor drains.

Grease Guardian offers both manual and automatic grease traps that are suitable for restaurants and busy kitchens.  It is important that the grease trap is sized correctly and this will depend on how many kitchen appliances are entering the grease trap.

More information on the Grease Guardian range and specifications can be found on our website (details below).

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