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Isolation and Containment

The advancement and enforcement of Fats, Oils, and Grease management is mainly driven by ordinances around the country. Restaurants and municipalities alike have a responsibility to properly manage and dispose of FOG waste.

When you look beyond the minimum requirements of the ordinance you see that there is an added benefit for restaurant and kitchen facility owners who do more to help manage their FOG waste and disposal, the idea of high / increased performance of their existing “grease management system”. Grease Guardian has worked to pair Grease Guardian point source units with an existing interceptor or as a standalone item.

Point source grease removal equipment like the Grease Guardian is installed right at the grease generating source. Whether it is a 3-compartment wash sink, a wok station, or rotisserie oven, Grease Guardians can be installed directly to the discharge line. Eliminating any need for long pipe runs and reducing potential backups. Isolating and containing fats, oils, and grease at the source protects your internal piping as well as the public system. It is ideal for everyone involved. The addition of the automatic grease removal system allows for easy grease disposal / recycling and a longer duration between pump out maintenance. Saving you time and money!

When analyzing your site, first isolate your kitchen fixture or fixtures where you believe most of your grease is coming from. It many cases it would be the compartment sink where your washing is done.  The diagram below helps illustrate the installation and plumbing set up for the additional benefits of a Grease Guardian point source unit.

The addition of a Grease Guardian point source unit is the simplest way to benefit your existing grease interceptor and internal plumbing.

Grease Guardian can help you understand your specific role in your local grease ordinance. We can properly size your equipment and get your doors open.

For more information about Grease Guardian or general questions about grease management please contact us directly. We strive to provide engineers, customers, and city municipalities with the equipment and details to meet their grease projects.

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