Choosing The Right Grease Interceptor

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Kitchen designs often create new challenging applications for grease management equipment. When specifying a grease interceptor on an upcoming project, location, size, and type are factors that should all be considered.

Grease management is not something that is on the shortlist of building and restaurant owners worries but can be the cause major headaches down the line. It can also cause a setback with municipality approvals if done incorrectly. The details of what interceptors you are using will make the difference in your design, leading to the best solution for the customer.

Grease Guardian Centralized Solutions

The GGX Centralized series is the perfect solution for kitchens and building with large GPM flowrates. Our GGX line is flexible and effective and can handle grease removal from a centralized location in your building. All kitchen waste discharge lines leading to a single machine. Space is so often the biggest hurdle when designing an interceptor on a project. The GGX eliminates any need for an outside interceptor design!


  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Airports
  • Schools & Universities
  • Stadiums & Halls
  • Mixed Use Buildings

Eliminate the hassle of pumping and upkeep that comes with a large outside interceptor. You will also have the added benefit of protecting the internal plumbing of your building. Shorting the distance from the source of grease to the grease interceptor is key! Grease sticks to everything, sticking the walls of your pipe. This will almost always lead to back ups and damaged pipes. These problems are expensive to fix.

From the early to late stages of your project our highly motivated team will be able to provide you with the application expertise to make your engineering and design job easier!

Our equipment has unlimited grease removal potential with the smallest possible footprint and equipment features that set us apart from the rest. The Grease Guardian range of equipment can help you with the smallest of applications right up to the most demanding grease management projects. AutoCAD drawings and Revit files are available for all our grease handling machines. Grease Guardian can also provide project specific engineering drawings on request.

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