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Choosing The Correct Grease Interceptor

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How do you choose the right interceptor for your restaurant and kitchen?

Choosing the right interceptor can make all the difference in the effectiveness, cost, and proper maintenance of your grease management system. It is always important to take the time to weigh all possible options and make the best decision on a grease interceptor that make sense for you!


The location of the interceptor is key. Making the decision to have your interceptor inside or outside of the building will affect the maintenance and cost of installation.

One of the key benefits of a point of source unit or “in the kitchen” installation is the added benefit of protecting your buildings internal plumbing. You are removing harmful FOG at the source, never allowing it to get into the piping. Grease sticks and hardens to everything! Long pipe runs to outside interceptors allow grease to cool and harden. Excess grease in your pipe work will eventually lead to back ups and expenses line jetting services.


You need to factor in the price and installation of any interceptor you are looking to purchase. After looking into your local ordinance to find out any restrictions, installation cost should be your next determining factor. Large outside interceptors are usually expensive to install. In some cases, there is also construction costs surrounding installation. A point of source unit like the Grease Guardian can be easily installed by any certified plumber. This can save you from having to affect your business and hours of operation.

Automatic vs Passive:

Cost of operation should be a key part of any interceptor decision. Thinking long term will save you money! Passive interceptors need to be pumped out and serviced regularly. It is how you remove the FOG waste from the interceptor. It is a constant charge you will need to factor into the life of your interceptor.

An automatic grease interceptor removes grease from the internal tank up to 4 times daily. Actively removing this grease allows for a longer duration between service. Saving you money long term by not having to get your machine pumped out as often.

Not all applications are the same. It is always important to check if the interceptor you are purchasing is going to meet your needs in both performance and longevity.

Grease Guardian is a pillar in the wastewater industry. We have been dealing with grease management and grease interceptors for decades. We have the expertise and application knowledge to handle any project. Let us be a resource to you!

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