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ASPE Convention and Expo – Atlanta 2018

Hello Bloggers!

This upcoming week Grease Guardian will be attending the 2018 ASPE Expo in Atlanta Georgia. We are always excited to put our equipment on display and interact with specifying engineers, manufacturers reps, industry influencers, and plumbers from around the globe. There is a vital need for conventions and similar functions to bring all interested parties together under one roof. Continued learning and exchanging of ideas is key in advancing the plumbing industry.

Grease Guardian and our distributor team around the country are proud to be involved with ASPE. The organization is continually looking to move the industry forward with new ideas, education, equipment, and standards. They will continue to be a key partner for Grease Guardian.

We are the global leader in grease removal equipment. With over thirty years of experience in the wastewater and grease recovery field, the design excellence of our automatic grease recovery systems is recognized and embraced. We have systems as small as 7GPM all the way up to 125GPM, providing solutions for the smallest to the most demanding applications. Grease Guardian has tens of thousands of installations in over 30 countries around the world!  From your local sandwich shop to massive hospitals like the Boston Medical Center or MIT, we have what you need to resolve your grease management needs.

We will proudly be displaying our Grease Guardian Automatic Grease Removal Equipment in booth #603. We invite everyone to stop into the booth and speak with us. In addition to seeing our equipment first hand, we will gladly discuss all topics involving grease management!

See you in Atlanta!

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