Grease Guardian X

An Ultra Capacity Grease Trap

The Grease Guardian is an ultra capacity grease trap. What does that mean? In the US point-source grease traps are tested to their limits and usually that limit must be at least twice that of the flow rate the the grease trap is rated for. This means that if your grease trap is rated for 15 GPM the minimum amount of grease it should be able to retain before you should empty it is, 30 pounds. Similarly a tested and approved 25 GPM grease trap should be able to retain 50 pounds. Once 50 pounds is reached your 25 GPM unit will likely start to lose efficiency and grease will escape down the drain. It might take 3-4 weeks to reach this capacity but usually once a month you should empty the grease trap and ensure the 50 pounds is never reached. Obviously, emptying a grease trap is a cost and an inconvenience. This is why some manufacturers offer a Supercapacity grease trap. So, what is a super-capacity grease trap? A super capacity grease trap is a point-source grease trap that has been tested to be able to retain a higher level of grease than the minimum requirement. So, instead of the 25 GPM reaching only the minimum requirement of 50 pounds it may have successfully tested at a higher or supercapacity of 80 pounds. This means that you will not have to empty the grease trap as often as a standard capacity trap. In Spinal Tap terms, it goes up to eleven. This results in savings and less disruption. But what if the capacity was never reached? What if every time grease entered the trap it was immediately removed and the capacity was never reached. This means that you would not need to empty the grease trap every month. This would be the Ultra Solution.This solution does exist and has existed for decades. A Grease Guardian model GGX25 is tested like any other grease trap and has a minimum grease capacity of 50 pounds as tested by NSF under US grease trap standards PDIG101 and ASME112.14.3 and 4. But what these tests don’t factor is the impact of the skimming mechanism. When the skimming mechanism comes on 95% of the trapped grease is immediately removed. This means that the 50 pounds is stretched out for a much longer period. Because the Grease Guardian is removing both the food and grease it can take 6 to 12 months to reach the 50 pounds. This is a much longer period than even the SuperCapacity grease trap. This is an ultra long time and the Grease Guardian is a Ultra Capacity Grease Trap.

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