Sink Screens – The First Line of Defence to Protect Your Plumbing

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When running a professional kitchen, protecting your drainage system against food particles and grease is extremely important.

The first (and best) line of defence is an in-sink straining basket that filters out food particles. This allows you to keep your pipelines and your professional kitchen running efficiently. A great addition to any kitchen, Sink Screen will save you time and money by protecting your plumbing and draining systems from becoming clogged.

What is a Sink Screen?

Sink Screens are designed to fit within any kitchen sink and prevent food waste from entering the drainage system. This prevents costly clogs, backups and odours from impacting your kitchen. Instead, the user can use the handles on either side of the basket, to remove the screened food waste and discard it.

What are the Benefits of Having a Sink Screen in your Commercial Kitchen?

Save on Plumbing Expenses

Leftover food and waste are common problems behind blocked kitchen sinks. However, most people don’t think about keeping their kitchen pipes clear of obstruction.

Therefore, food particles can easily turn into a major plumbing blockage. Hiring a plumber to clear a blockage in your pipes can be quite costly. By capturing solids such as vegetable peels, coffee grounds, or leftover food particles, Sink Screens keep your plumbing system free from obstructions and save you from costly repairs.

Sizes to Fit Any Sink

Sink Screens come in a range of sizes and depths. They also have two different corner radius sizes, narrow (35mm) and wide (70mm) to fit any kitchen sink. Whether you have a small kitchen or a large one, Sink Screens can be tailored to perfectly fit your space. This allows you to have the best fit. Check out the range of sizes we have to offer.


The most common sink strainer in kitchens, is the standard sink plug strainer. However, one of the biggest drawbacks associated with these type of food waste strainers is hygiene.

Once the sink plug strainer is sealed and clogged up with large amounts food waste, the user is required to find the metal stem amongst the food waste, in order to pull it out.

As the Sink Screen in-sink straining basket covers a larger surface area, all of the food waste is captured. The convenient stainless steel handles on either side allow for quick removal of food waste. Therefore your hands remain clean, with no need to touch the food waste within the basket.

High Quality Stainless Steel

With in-sink straining plugs, over time they wear down. Sink Screens are made from high-quality stainless steel AIS 304/ EN 1.4301.

The Sink Screen works by filtering food waste from plates, pots and pans. Allowing good filtration and liquids to pass through. Need more protection against fats, oil and grease? (FOG) Click here

Removes Waste for Recycling and Reuse

We all have a social responsibility to protect our precious resources. Sink Screen is designed to capture food waste in commercial kitchens, to remove bio solids for recycling and reuse. Volumes of up to 1kg have been removed from a single sitting. This adds up to a tonne per sink, per year. This waste can be used for plant compost, or recycled.

Sink Screen’s convenient basket makes it easier for kitchen staff to prevent food waste from entering the drainage system.

Sink screens have emerged as a stylish and practical addition to commercial kitchens. With their ability to maximize space and efficiency and provide hygienic benefits, they are transforming the way we utilize our kitchen sinks.