Grease Guardian wins ‘Best Innovative Business’ at Newry Business Awards.

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FM Environmental LTD (Grease Guardian) take home the award for Best Innovative Business of the Year at the Greater Newry Business Gala Awards. The awards took place on 15th June at the Canal Court Hotel and Spa, Newry.

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FM Environmental LTD, specifically its division Grease Guardian, proudly emerged as the winner of the esteemed ‘Best Innovative Business 2023’ award at the Greater Newry Business Gala Awards. This recognition celebrates the outstanding achievements and excellence within the local business community. Alongside this, FM Environmental LTD were also shortlisted for ‘Best Export Business’.

“As a company that has always prided itself in product & customer service quality and performance, we are honoured that FM Environmental, and its grease management division Grease Guardian, were chosen by our regional community peers, over worthy co-finalists, to receive the Best Innovative Company award”. said Michel Fitzpatrick, Divisional Sales and Marketing Director of Grease Guardian. “Our philosophy is to listen to our customers and respond to their concerns and needs to meet their expectations and needs, both present and future. This award vindicates our approach and teamwork to achieve great things.”

Grease Guardian’s innovative approach and dedication to addressing environmental challenges have set them apart from their competitors, earning them this prestigious honour.

Innovation in Maritime Environmental Legislation:

One of the key reasons behind Grease Guardian’s success lies in their ability to adapt their land-based automatic grease recovery device to meet the challenges posed by international maritime environmental legislation. Working closely with ship engineers, Grease Guardian has successfully addressed issues such as size constraints, performance, reliability, operational ease, and maritime use. By utilizing a more corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel and ensuring watertight tanks, Grease Guardian products can function autonomously in rough seas without spillage, while recovering waste oil. This innovative solution meets the specific requirements of different types of vessels and conditions.


Recovering Waste Oil for Energy Transformation:

An inherent benefit of Grease Guardian’s products is the recovery of waste oil, otherwise discarded, down the drain. This waste oil is largely dewatered and free of food waste particles. Consequently, the company has collaborated with universities in Brescia, Italy, and the United States to reclassify the waste oil from Grease Guardian products as a raw material for energy rather than compostable waste. This classification allows the waste oil to be combined with standard used fryer cooking oil (UCO) for transformation into biofuels. As a result, Grease Guardian becomes an investment opportunity for professional kitchens, as waste oil collection companies are willing to pay for the oil, generating additional revenue.

Improving Performance through Innovation:

By introducing innovative products tailored to the unique requirements of the marine industry, Grease Guardian has not only tapped into a lucrative market but also improved its overall performance. The equipment undergoes rigorous stress testing to replicate performance in rough seas, ensuring it operates flawlessly in various conditions. With a steady order book for both new builds and retrofit projects, Grease Guardian’s innovative approach has resulted in sustained growth and long-term success. With national navies, coastal patrol vessels, frigates, super tankers, and even luxury yachts among their customers, Grease Guardian has established itself as a global leader in this niche sector.

Their commitment to ongoing innovation is evident in its approach to evaluating, monitoring, and improving its products. The company stays abreast of prevailing design and performance standards in its target markets, including North America, the EU, the UK, Australia, and East Asia. The dedicated research and development (R&D) team explores potential market requirements several years into the future, allowing Grease Guardian to adapt and stay ahead of the competition. This forward-thinking approach and focus on customer needs contribute to the continuous improvement and evolution of their products.