Fork To Fuel: Renewable Fuels from Grease

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Did you know? Restaurants produce up to 450kg of grease per month! 

This grease must be properly disposed, captured and recycled at the source to avoid having to deal with costly problems such as clogged pipes and plumbing issues.

Grease Guardian is an automatic grease interceptor that recovers all the fats, oils and grease (FOG) from food preparation, separating it from drainage water, at the source. Grease Guardian’s reliable technology effectively captures, collects and removes the toughest grease, preventing costly blockages and reducing maintenance expenses. Our grease recovery devices then allow you to recycle your used cooking oils, fats and grease.

In the food business, grease is here to stay and costs for managing it are expected to rise. Its up to you to choose the best options not only for your bottom line but also for the environment.

What is Fork to Fuel?

Fork-to-Fuel is a business initiative dedicated to exploring solutions to the world’s environmental and financial challenges. Implementing used cooking oils and grease for biodiesel production has gained a significant amount of consideration with regards to fuel production. Fork-to-Fuel recognises that FOG can be collected from restaurants and food processors, which helps reduce waste that would end up in landfill or sewer pipes thus contributing to the circular economy.

The Circular Economy is a model of production and consumption that involves sharing, reusing and recycling existing materials and products whenever possible rather than discarding them. Therefore, this extends the life cycle of products and keeps waste to a minimum.

At Grease Guardian we are advocates of sustainability. We take an eco-friendly approach in everything we do, therefore we are proud to say we are a part of the Fork-to-Fuel initiative.

Is there a difference between fryer oil and grease trap oil?

Any fast food outlet or catering facility producing large quantities of food will produce grease as a by-product from the cooking process. The grease must be responsibly managed for environmental reasons and grease traps are the best solution for safely managing FOG.

The harvested grease from the Grease Guardian can be collected and combined with fryer oil to be converted to biofuel; this boosts oil quantity and increases profits for your restaurant. Our automatic Grease Guardian unit is innovative, saving time and callouts whilst maximizing efficiency.

What happens if I don’t get a Grease Recovery Unit?

Disposing of FOG down the drain is a major environmental issue. Grease can build up in the pipes beneath your restaurant, reducing the capacity of your sewer line. This can lead to fatbergs which can cost water companies millions of pounds.

Failure to comply can cause your business to suffer by costing you thousands of pounds in fines. Grease Guardian not only ensures compliance with local regulations but also minimizes your carbon footprint.

I have a restaurant, how can I contribute?

By installing an at-source automatic grease recovery unit, and diverting harmful grease from your drainage system, this will allow you to recycle the collected grease. Therefore, contributing to a cleaner and greener future, and enabling you to make a profit from your recycled grease. At Grease Guardian, we recover it all…and you reap the benefits!

Grease Guardian is proving to be the most sustainable option for any business looking to protect the sewerage network while also harvesting a resource that can be reused as a biofuel. Our recently updated tagline “Sustainable Grease Management” highlights the effectiveness of our GRU’s for environmental protection.

Grease Guardian paves the way for being the most sustainable method of managing grease and with growing awareness for our environment, will continue to be for many years to come.

For more on the sustainable nature of the Grease Guardian and how your business can benefit from the inclusion of Grease Guardian grease and food separators please contact your local supplier today.