GG User Changi Airport Worlds Best

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Singapore’ Changi Airport has once again been voted the best airport in the world. It has won the award nearly every year over the last decade apart from the pandemic period when footfall was down. Changi Airport has multiple Grease Guardians installed across its Terminals. Grease Guardians are installed in many of the world’s top Airports from Heathrow to Charles De Gaulle, JFK to Oslo and Dublin to the Azores. Pipes in airports are faced with blockages as a result of thousands passengers eating out before taking to the air. Any blockage at an airport can cause huge problems that’s why point of source Grease Guardians are the best way to eliminate the problem immediately. The grease that is prevented from going to drain is harvested by the Grease Guardian and can be used in the manufacture of sustainable aviation fuel creating a circular economy and ensuring the future of air travel is secured.