Grease- The good, the bad and the potential

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Grease recycling: Is there a difference between fryer oil and grease trap oil?

Any fast food outlet or catering facility producing large quantities of food will produce grease as a byproduct from the cooking process. The grease must be responsibly managed for environmental reasons, grease traps are the best solution for safely managing FOG. Is there a difference between the type of grease produced and what can be done with the grease collected, keep reading to learn more.

Is there a difference between fryer oil and grease trap oil?
Used vegetable oil from fryers is the most valuable type of oil, it is known as yellow grease with free fatty acid levels <15%. Waste oil collected in the grease guardian is a high quality oil compared to traditional manual grease traps due to the skimming process which filters the oil; limiting particle and water content. The oil collected in the Grease Guardian is equally as valuable to fryer oil and has equal potential to be converted to biofuel. So the answer is Grease Guardian oil and waste fryer oil are practically the same in terms of potential for biodiesel production. Benefits of the Grease Guardian:

The Grease Guardian stands out form the rest, with a 96% effectiveness rating, a wide variety of sizes and types of units to fit every application and an easy to install and maintain design. The Grease Guardian automatic range collects grease in the main chamber daily and separates water heating and skimming can be programmed to suit each kitchen. The unit is easy to maintain, empty the basket and grease collection container when full. The unit is hygienic and made of stainless steel designed for internal use, bacteria does not build up as it is not given the chance due to the high discharge capacity within the unit.

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The potential- Life after the Grease Guardian
Instead of disposing the grease and it becoming a pollutant in the environment, the grease harvested from the grease guardian can be collected and combined with fryer oil to be converted to biofuel; this boosts oil quantity and increases profits for the restaurant. The automatic grease guardian unit is a smart and innovative unit, saving time and callouts whilst maximizing efficiency.

The grease guardian harvests oil in a safe and environmentally friendly manner, not only is Grease Guardian protecting drains, preventing fatberg buildups and overflows in the local environment, it responsibly collects the oil allowing it to be recycled into something that can be used. This simple act performed on a large scale can have a major positive impact on the environment and the future of sustainability.

What can you do to be more environmentally friendly?
Installing a grease guardian is a good starting point. Creating an environment where you can responsibly manage and recycle waste in a sustainable way will help the carbon footprint of your kitchen, over years this will have a big impact on your local environment. Grease Guardian won’t save the planet alone however developing new ways to manage and recycle waste will reduce pollution in the environment. The grease can be safely collected preventing it from entering rivers and lakes, traditional grease traps will stop grease, but they don’t remove it without pumping. Pumping requires a truck to attend the site, the grease is mixed with food waste which reduced the quality and makes it less attractive for recycling companies. Grease Guardian oil is already dewatered and is the only grease that recycling companies are interested in, removing the grease guardian grease does not require pumping trucks, therefore it is a more sustainable option.

Grease Guardian is proving to be the most sustainable option for any business looking to protect the sewerage network while also harvesting a resource that can be reused as a biofuel. Grease Guardian have recently introduced an updated tagline “Sustainable Grease Management” to highlight the effectiveness of the unit for environmental protection.

Grease Guardian Features- why is the Grease Guardian unique?

Grease Guardian looks forward to continued supply of the most sustainable method of managing grease for many years to come. For more on the sustainable nature of the Grease Guardian and how your business can benefit from the inclusion of Grease Guardian grease and food separators please contact your local supplier today.