Sustainable Grease Management

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The world is heating up and though the climate crisis receives it’s fair share of coverage these days, there remains a concern that nowhere near enough is being done to reduce the threat. Perhaps it remains a distant threat in the minds of many people who have more immediate concerns such as soaring inflation and a cost-of-living crisis that is beginning to bite.

This month the human population reached 8 billion and will likely continue to increase exponentially for some time to come. As climate change starts to have more regular impact on food production through droughts on one side and flooding on the other the knock-on effect will be costly. The cost-of-living concerns will remain as supply issues become more regular and as nations attempt to find better supply channels some will take more direct actions to secure resources. This poses huge security headaches that this year has demonstrated aren’t confined to the past.

So what can we do? The answer is a lot more. Creating an environment where we try harder to manage and reuse our waste is a staring point. The planet has enough resources to sustain the growing population and even the shortage of supply if we can only waste less, distribute what we have better and find a more sustainable way to fuel this busy planet.

Grease Guardians on their own won’t save the planet but using better technology to manage waste is a key part of the fight to protect us. Some of the world’s biggest chains try and manage their food waste and recycle their cooking oil and put multiple measures in place to become a more sustainable operation. Those that use the Grease Guardian as a grease separator will clearly see the benefit of removing Fats, oils and greases automatically from the waste stream.

The Grease Guardian traps harmful grease that ultimately causes pollution either when it is discharged to rivers and lakes or when it gets to a treatment plant making the treatment process far less efficient. Traditional grease traps will stop grease, but they don’t remove it without a third party pumping or drainage company being involved. The issue here is pumping requires a truck to attend site once a month and the grease removed is mixed with food waste and too much water making it less attractive to recycling companies. Grease Guardian grease is already dewatered and as it is only grease that is removed there are many more companies interested in harvesting it for reuse. Removing the skimmed grease only from site does not require pumping trucks and therefore is far more sustainable as an option.

Grease Guardian manufacturers have demonstrated over the last 30 years that the engineering behind the Grease Guardian is second to none but in today’s climate, Grease Guardian is proving to be the most sustainable option from any business looking to protect the sewerage network while also harvesting a resource in the spent oil that can be reused as a biofuel.

As the sustainable nature of the Grease Guardian becomes even more apparent FM Environmental has introduced a new tag line to the Grease Guardian logo. For the last decade the tag line has been “Frontline Engineering” as a way of highlighting the brands excellence when it comes to quality of design. The new tag line underscores the brands clear objective of providing the most sustainable solution for grease related issues. “Sustainable Grease Management” is the new tag line and will appear under the Grease Guardian logo from January 2023.

Grease Guardian looks forward to continued supply of the most sustainable method of managing grease for many years to come. For more on the sustainable nature of the Grease Guardian and how your business can benefit from the inclusion of Grease Guardian grease and food separators please contact your local supplier today.