Climate change; UK Government states changes are needed and alternative energy programmes are to be implemented

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Along with growing economic pressure and uncertainties the UK Government are facing pressure from serious environmental issues and a dire need for renewable energy sources.

The cost of UK living is at an all-time high, energy and fuel costs have sky rocketed over this last year. Official advisers from the Climate Change Committee state that the current energy consumption levels are shocking and serious strategies must be introduced to try reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The UK Government may be implementing high taxes on the cost of fuel as a deterrent to move towards greener methods of energy such as hybrid and electric vehicles. Furthermore, the Government is promoting reducing energy use and using alternative methods such as using more insulation. The current fuel crisis has helped made ministers aware for the need of independence of fuel sources, the UK should strive towards creating ways of harnessing and producing their own energy.

Innovative methods such as biofuel is a green and clean alternative to diesel, which has a far greater emission rate. Using biofuel as an energy resource is a sustainable method as it uses waste oil, which would otherwise be discarded at landfill. Waste oil collected in grease interceptors could be a very attractive business with both economic and environmental benefits. Technology for harnessing energy is an important business; it is needed to achieve the goal of a sustainable future and to reach targets.  Biofuel, solar energy and wind energy are clean sources of energy that have a much lower environmental impact than conventional energy technologies. The UK has a heavy dependence on foreign oil supplies, being independent and moving towards innovative energy production will benefit the UK through increased independence and economic security.