Game On!

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Golf is probably not the first thing that springs to mind when you discuss grease, unless you are talking about Ohio born golfer Austin Greaser but Golf Courses  come with their own restaurants, hotels and event hosting facilities and the Grease Guardian brand is no stranger around the 19th hole.

US Open winner, Matt Fitzpatrick, might have passed by the GGX125 installed at The Country Club, Brookline as he carried the US Open trophy inside after his success last week on the green. Grease Guardians have been installed at the club for several years and this is not the only famous sporting location near Boston with Grease Guardians. The TD Garden, home to the Boston Bruins and last month’s NBA Finalist the Boston Celtics, has multiple Grease Guardians installed throughout the arena. The Celtics were beaten by the Golden State Warriors from San Francisco who also benefit from having a Grease Guardian feature as part of their grease management set up.

Around the world Grease Guardians have been part of many great sporting events from the Sochi, London and Sydney Olympics to football World Cup venues. There are even Grease Guardians installed at Camel Racing Courses in Dubai.

Grease Traps have been around for over one hundred years but the world’s leading sports venues know that its crucial to ensure that the grease interceptor used can perform at critical times. You would hate for the odour from an old inground grease trap that has never been emptied to drift across the 18thhole right at the clinical putt of a Major.