Grease Management 90 Floors Up

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Grease Guardians have been installed in some of the tallest buildings in the world including probably the most famous skyscraper of them all, the Empire State Building. Large multistorey buildings can have restaurants and canteens on multiple floors and though a centralised grease trap at the bottom is highly recommended it does nothing to protect the network of piping that can be found throughout the building above.

Having at source grease traps is the first step to protecting internal piping in multistorey facilities. That said you don’t want to be relying on having to empty manual grease traps on the 90th floor of a skyscraper every 3 to 4 weeks. Using grease removal devices is the sensible option. The grease will be trapped at source but also removed daily into easy to manage containers that can be easily transported to centralised waste areas by kitchen staff.

Grease Guardians have been installed in skyscrapers across the US, Middle East and Southeast Asia. Grease Guardian provides both the at source grease removal system as well as centralised grease traps with in built pump out and self-cleaning features. For references and planning assistance contact Grease Guardian today.