Happy New Year

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Another year is over and 2022 beckons. It remains a roller-coaster journey for many of our customers. It can be hard to predict which way the year may turn but despite the uncertainty out there, a growing enthusiasm exists to improve how we interact with the environment around us and that can start with how we manage our waste.

In 2022 Grease Guardian will add to its suit of products by introducing additional models to its Marine Suite of products. The NS Range of products will see its official launch later in the year and will be appearing at several major tradeshows throughout the year.

There is an ever-growing demand for grease traps and grease removal devices as standards and legislation become tighter. The team at Grease Guardian and supporting Network of distributors are ready to answer any queries customer may have regarding the sizing of grease interceptors and grease removal devices and what the local legislation and standards are in relation to grease traps.

So, in 2022, so not hesitate to contact Grease Guardian to start your journey to protecting the environment better. All the team looks forward to continuing the supply of the worlds best grease trap brand in the New Year and beyond.

Happy New Year!