What happens recycled grease?

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We often get asked what happens the grease that is skimmed out of the Grease Guardian? Can it be recycled? Is it good quality? All relevant questions. The grease Guardian traps and removes grease that is allowed down the drains. It removes the same grease that enters. What happens in the unit though is that the grease separates from the water that it enters the trap with. If you are using sunflower oil in the cooking, that will separate from the water it gets mixed with in the cleaning process and remain trapped in the unit. The Grease Guardian doesn’t do anything else to that grease other than allow time for it to separate from water. The skimming process with the Grease Guardian is designed in a way to ensure that only the trapped grease is removed and that little to no water is removed during the process. Other systems don’t usually have the volume to allow for full separation of grease and use grease extraction methods that can allow a lot of water to escape during the process. Unlike a traditional grease trap, the Grease Guardian removes only the trapped grease and not the entire contents of the separator.

But what happens the removed grease? It shouldn’t be thrown in the bin. Grease these days has a certain value and it a circular economy can be reused in many ways. In some countries it can still be used as animal feed however this is not permitted in Europe. Some well known fast food chains use the spent fryer oil to power their vehicles as a biofuel. Grease from the Grease Guardian can also be used as a biofuel. Grease Guardian are extracting grease from the cooking (ovens) and cleaning (sinks) process.This is known as brown grease. Recent research suggests that Brown Grease can also be used in creating biofuel. Certain renderers that use processes are interested in obtaining brown grease and the Grease Guardian is an easy way to harvest this waste from all the commercial kitchens in a busy city centre.

Grease can also be used to make paint and even pharmaceutical products such as makeup and lipstick.

As the world becomes greener the reuse of waste materials is essential to knocking back the effects of climate change. If every restaurant in the world reused the grease it wastes for energy we would be a step closer to solving many of the climate change related issues. The solutions are there they just need to be used.