Want to become a Brand Rep?

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The Grease Guardian team is represented across the world, but we are always on the lookout for new partners. There are still some markets where the opportunity to become a brand rep still exists.

So why sell Grease Guardian?

Grease Guardian is one of the world’s leading grease removal device brands and has been sold in literally every continent, even down in Antarctica. Grease is a huge problem and one that is growing every year. Though there are any number of grease trap manufacturers out there, very few sell equipment that has gone through proper testing and most only supply basic tanks that require third party emptying on a regular basis. Grease Guardians have been tested against basically every grease interceptor standard in existence. Every product we manufacture is built to last and quality is very much at the heart of our design. With Grease Guardian our distributors are selling a tried and tested solution. Grease Guardian products have been installed into some of the most prestigious locations in the world such as Microsoft HQ in Seattle, Harvard in Boston, St James Palace London, the Louvre Paris, Emirates Towers Dubai and Sydney Olympic Park to name but a few.

A wide range to offer.

The Grease Guardian brand offers basic grease traps and separators, but it is our automictic grease removal units that set us apart. Grease Guardian point of source units are a modern solution for todays demanding commercial kitchens. Our NS Range with fully automated desludging assistance is at the cutting edge of grease trap technology. For kitchens on sea going vessels we have a whole suite of marine adapted grease traps and grease removal units. Our centralised grease removal units are a leading product for the worlds most advanced buildings. As well as grease management equipment Grease Guardian offer a range of food waste interceptors and coffee waste filters.

Where are the opportunities?

There are opportunites for our latest NS Range of grease traps in central Europe, India and Japan. For our point of source units we are looking for regional sales reps within the United States and Canada. For our Marine Grease Traps we are looking at the United States for marine equipment suppliers.

If you would like to learn more please contact us today or complete the distributor application form here.