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For most people on the planet 2020 has been a very challenging year. There can be no doubt that such a dramatic shift away from normality is not easy to adjust to. 2021 brings optimism and the hope of returning to more familiar routines.

There is certainly a lesson to be learned from our experiences this year. 2020 has demonstrated that we cannot take normality for granted. We have heard many world leaders and activists warn us that normality is under threat, change, and not for the better, is coming. A climate emergency is the next great threat. Some would argue we are already well into the emergency but either distracted too much to notice it or choosing to carryon regardless.

At FM Environmental Ltd we take the threat seriously as you would expect given our name and history. This is why when we develop new products, we ensure that the motivation is always to solve an environmental issue first by ensuring quality through testing and experience.

In 2021 FM will launch the NS Range of grease traps designed and tested against European standards by independent agencies. These innovations are based on over 40 years of working in wastewater and grease.

The NS Range (EN1825-1/2) offer our customers centralised grease management systems having already developed automatic grease management systems based on US standards PDIG101 and ASME. The Grease Guardian range will be among the first international grease management companies to boast centralised grease traps with options for both US and EU standards.

This allows Grease Guardian solutions to be available regardless of which standard the local water authorities find best suited for their needs. Obviously, US standards are generally used in America with European standards dominant in Europe but there is crossover. In the UK and Ireland for example as well as throughout the Middle East both standards are generally available to consultants as options.

What is still hard to fathom is the number of manufacturers in the field that still don’t follow any standards. We wouldn’t fly in a plane that wasn’t tested against a standard nor take a vaccine that was never approved. If we adopt the same attitude to other products and services and stop cutting corners to save on costs then we can do our part to help prevent any further cissies. You might not think the humble grease trap should fall into the same level of scrutiny but after this year we know just how much overlooking even the simple daily quality checks can explode into a major crisis.

So, when selecting equipment such as grease traps ensure that the manufacturer has tested the equipment against a standard. Look for the standard mark on the product and even request the test sheets to prove it. Why not? 2021 will come with a lot of promise but make “quality first” a New Year resolution if simply to ensure we avoid a repeat of 2020 any time soon.

For more information on the Grease NS Range of Grease Guardian by FM Environmental stay tuned to www.greaseguardian.com