COVID-19 Update

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For the past few weeks, FM Environmental & Grease Guardian have been monitoring the global development of COVID-19. In light of recent events, FM Environmental & Grease Guardian’s primary interest is ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all its staff, distributors, customer and associates.

Moving forward, Grease Guardian operations will continue with a rotation of staff working remotely. This method ensures that any queries or questions related to any of our products or services can be answered in a safe and timely manner.

FM Environmental and Grease Guardian will continue to follow advice from local authorities, the health minister and the World Health Organisation as developments occur.


If you are a school, restaurant or foodservice establishment anticipating temporary closure, we recommend the following steps for your Grease Guardian:


  • Ensure unit is switched off at the wall
  • Ensure collection container is emptied
  • Ensure proper daily maintenance has been performed
  • Upon return have the unit emptied, cleaned and refilled
  • Visit for maintenance videos and product manuals
  • For any questions you may have (including daily maintenance procedures) contact us



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