Grease Guardian attending the 2019 European FOG Summit

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The future of FOG

This March, 6/3/19, Grease Guardian are joining the brightest and best FOG specialists in Amsterdam for the first time. As sewer networks come under increasing pressure from growing populations and the proliferation of food service establishments, new ways of managing FOG must be developed to safeguard the long-term sustainability of our urban communities.

This year’s speakers have been handpicked to provide a global view of FOG and share their knowledge in critical areas of FOG management, waste water and resource recovery.

Check out the Swift Comply website for more details on this event: 

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The event will cover the entire FOG life cycle: from the kitchens to the final recycling plant, and will provide a fantastic learning experience. This summit will showcase the latest achievements in industry led research, communication and application of technologies. The speakers represent food service establishments, grease managers, the public water and sewer industry, academia, and more.

The event will present theory and stories of success on behavioral management, collaboration, and new technologies applied throughout the entire FOG cycle.  (European FOG Summit)

To learn more about the European FOG Summit and how it has developed, check out the web page at:

Here at Grease Guardian we are delighted to be attending this highly popular and informative FOG Summit on 6/3/19.  We strive to remain at the front line of knowledge and innovation.  We are keen to keep pushing forward in providing the latest knowledge and techniques in the world of FOG.

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