Grease Trap Maintenance

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Having a Grease Trap installed, whether it is manual, automatic, under sink, in basement or centralized, the absolute key to the successful operation of the unit is Maintenance.

Getting the correct size of Grease Guardian is the first step to the best install for your kitchen needs.  The size of Grease Trap required depends on how many sinks run into the unit, the flow of waste, best kitchen practices and meals per day.

We have created an online calculator on our website which calculates the exact size of unit you require for your kitchen needs.  There are three options:

  1. Under sink Grease Trap
  2. Combi oven
  3. Basement

Simply click this link and follow the quick and easy steps to calculate what size of Grease Guardian you require:  Grease Trap Calculator.

Once you have correctly sized and installed your Grease Trap, it is crucial to carry out daily maintenance.  Best kitchen practices are very important to keep your Grease Guardian in optimum condition.  Check out our video for tips on best kitchen practices:


Also check out the video below for Daily Maintenance ideas:


For any of your Grease Guardian needs contact our head office and we are happy to advise and help with any inquiries.  Grease Guardian Contact.

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