FATBERGS! They will not disappear until we stop misusing our drains.

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Grease Traps can only do so much in the constant battle against fatbergs.  There is so much more that is involved in creating these under ground, overflowing, vile fatbergs.


                                                            Grease Traps in the fight against fatbergs

The latest monstor fatberg finding was discovered in Sidmouth, Devon.  This fatberg measures a staggering 210 foot long by 7 foot wide.  When we put that into context it is the size of six double Decker buses! (Daily Mail UK).

With this latest fatberg discovery, as always the main issue is GREASE, whether it be FAT, OIL, GREASE or a combination of all three, but also, the other main issue holding all this congealed fat together is: PLASTIC.

Plastic is absolutely everywhere, now even in our sewers, unfortunately.  Added to this are wet wipes that have become tangled up in solidified cooking oil and together it creates fatbergs that grow and grow and eventually completely block the sewer system.  It then takes excavators many weeks and even months to clear the mess out, if it is not cleared out then there is the pressing possibility of waste overflowing on to our streets and into buildings, causing horrific consequences.

Check out this link for more detail on the latest fatberg discovery:  Daily Mail/FATBERG

Grease Traps at the source of waste absolutely prevent 90% of FOG entering the sewers, check out our range of automatic grease removal systems and manual grease traps HERE.

However, wet wipes, plastic and absolutely any other material being flushed down our loo’s and sinks needs to also stop immediately to prevent the issue of fatbergs.

For any further advise or information on how you can help in the fight against fatbergs, contact Grease Guardian HERE.  We are happy to provide free and helpful information and if required, quotes for your own Grease Trap.


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