Help & Guidance with your Grease Guardian Unit

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If you have installed or thinking of installing a Grease Guardian we have a complete after sales package of:

  • Site visits, measurements and sizing, advise, help, guidance and product information
  • Commissioning of units
  • Full product service with our team of fully qualified engineers
  • Full range of spare parts and accessories
  • Daily maintenance videos and techniques
  • Spec sheets and manuals
  • Videos and manuals for product programming
  • Administration office support

Purchasing a Grease Guardian starts with the need to protect your drains to keep them free from fats, oils and grease.  It is crucial that you install the best unit for your premises, this is done by measuring  your sink/s size and usage.  This can be done using our online sizing calculator.  Click HERE for sizing calculator.

Installing the unit correctly, commissioning the unit, programming the settings to suit your requirements and then following up with daily maintenance and servicing is the entire process.  This is simple and effective and we at Grease Guardian are available for guidance throughout purchase, installment and after sales.

Our website is full of product information and assistance.  If you wish to speak to a distributor please contact us HERE.

Our D series and GGX series of units have been relaunched for 2019.  The under sink range and centralized range of Grease Guardian units are more compact and efficient than ever.  See our new videos below:

Centralized Units

Under Sink Units

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