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When you’re cooking that delicious roast diner, or that mighty fried breakfast, it might be tempting to pour the extra grease down the drain. However, at Grease Guardian we continuously educate the public through our blogs on the gargantuan-sized reasons to avoid that temptation.

From London to Baltimore, horror stories about fatbergs — giant globs of fat, oil and grease mixed with disposable wipes and other debris — have made headlines in recent months in 2017. News stories are now on all major and local news stations broadcasting the epidemic of FATBERGS right below our feet.

Fatbergs have wreaked havoc on our sewer systems globally, clogging pipes and forcing a costly removal and major disruptions to the public. The Fatberg in London was 130 tons, the size of 11 double decker buses- mind-blowing!

All the stuff that people pour in their drains or flush down their toilets that they shouldn’t, ends up in the underground sewers, where it can clog up city sewer pipes and jam equipment if it’s not removed. Conditions for fatbergs get worse around holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas as more large meals are cooked as the party season gets underway.
“Once the fat and grease reach the sewer, it congeals and coats the inside of the pipe”, said Cynthia Finley, director of regulatory affairs for the National Association of Clean Water Agencies. That’s where the trouble starts.

“It’s just like a person who eats too many fatty foods and it clogs up their arteries and blood vessels with the fat,” Finley said. “The same thing happens in sewer pipes.”
The problem got a lot worse a decade ago, when the popularity of disposable wipes exploded. They’re marketed for everything from cleaning to removing makeup to bathroom hygiene. Many of these products are labelled flushable. But that’s misleading. They don’t break down in water like toilet paper, so they get stuck in pipes or in sewer equipment.
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