40th Year in Business Proves Major Success

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Its been another very successful year for FM and the Grease Guardian team. Some of the more memorable installations this year included Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Harvard, the English FA, Marriott Hotels, Corinthia Hotels, Moscow Airport, HM Prisons, NEC the VOX, Coq D’Argent, NATO aircraft carriers and even the King of Bahrain’s luxury yacht.

Grease Guardian grease traps and grease removal devices have also been installed into the worlds leading fastfood and hotel chains with interceptors servicingt KFC’s, Burger King, McDonalds, Pizza Hut among others in multiple countries.

Its not only the well known sites that require Grease Guardians, most units are simply installed in local eateries, offices, schools, supermarkets and cafes where the issue of fatbergs threatens the local sewerage network. Legislation has become tougher with more scrutiny on what is been discharged to drain. In the UK and particularly London the growing problem of Fatbergs is forcing water authorities to take action. The inclusion of grease traps is essential. In Ireland Irish Water continue to ensure as much grease is stopped at source through their FOG Program that has been in place for around 10 years.

Grease Guardian leads the way in developing quality assured grease removal devices that meet the large volumes of fat and grease waste coming from commercial kitchens. Unfortunately, many so called grease trap manufacturers supply grease traps with inappropriate or no certification. All Grease Guardians undergo strict in house testing and then third party testing.  A second new state of the art test facility will be opened in January 2018 by FM Environmental to fast track testing on new Grease Guardian models.

The Grease Guardian brand is now represented in more countries than ever before as the global response to an increasing environmental issue becomes more urgent. Sewers across the world can no longer take the pressure from the sheer volume of fats, oils and grease entering the drains every day.

FM Environmental Ltd would like to thank all distributors, agents and service partners for their continued efforts to make the Grease Guardian the strongest grease removal device brand on the planet. FM hope to launch some new exciting products and services in 2018….so stay tuned.