Does your Grease Guardian need a service before the Christmas rush?

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As the Christmas season draws closer, restaurants, cafes and hotels are busier than ever catering for the increased number of customers.  Kitchens start to feel the effect of busy long days serving dish after dish.

Your Grease Trap may need a deep clean to keep it operating at peak efficiency during this period of increased use.

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Grease Guardian Complete After sales Care for your equipment

At Grease Guardian we provide a range of aftersales care packages to maintain your unit for maximum performance and efficiency.  Our team of engineers are available 5 days a week at a time that suits you to service your Grease Trap.

With a fleet of service vans, fully trained and certified technicians we can guarantee the most efficient and professional service on your Grease Guardian®.  To maintain the highest level of performance, regular service inspections are required. In some counties including Dublin, a grease removal unit has to be serviced 4 times a year.

As the manufacturers of the Grease Guardian we provide all spare parts for our units and guarantee the best service for your business and kitchen requirements.  We have over 20 years of experience and have year on year expanded our service department to cater for the Grease Trap Industry servicing requirements.  We try to educate our customers on the daily maintenance required for Grease Traps; they cannot be installed and forgotten about.

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To find out more about maintaining your Grease Trap please contact us HERE.  We are happy to advise on unit maintenance and schedule an engineer to call to site and carry out a full service.

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