Sizing your Grease Trap

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So you know you need to install a grease trap…so whats next?

Grease Guardian strongly advise that you start by calculating the size of your sink bowl if it is an under sink trap that is required.

If the trap you require is for under a pre-rinse sink we advise you to calculate the size of the piping under the pre-rinse sink to ensure the correct size of grease interceptor installed.

Grease Traps can be manual or automatic or installed in your basement for larger kitchens.  Grease Guardian supply an entire range of Grease interceptors.  We also supply food and coffee sediment traps for the collection of coffee sediment and food waste that would normally be flushed down the sink and cause blockages in the drain.


To view the Grease Guardian entire product range click HERE


Check out the the Grease Guardian Sizing Calculator that is now live on our website HERE

If you are installing an under sink or under counter Grease Trap, enter the bowl dimensions of your sink HERE.  If you have more than one bowl in your sink fixture enter the details in the space provided also.  This calculator will then flag up the most suitable Grease interceptor you require.  From the link you can apply for a direct quote and a member of our Grease Guardian team will contact you directly to discus your application.

under sink grease guardian

If you require a Grease Trap for under a COMBI OVEN, the unit you require is a X7 Combi Guardian.  Get a quote for your Combi Guardian HERE.

If your food establishment requires a much larger grease trap, a Grease Guardian can be installed in the basement.  To size this type of central application, we measure by meals per day.  Click HERE to try out the sizing calculator.

basement grease guardian


We hope this helps, if you have any inquiries please contact us HERE

Team GG!