Greg James vs. THE FATBERG!

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There is no doubting it, a massive rise in awareness of FATBERGS is significantly rising! and it is simply unavoidable.

Unfortunately fatbergs have become a house-hold term, people are gaining knowledge of the problems caused by pouring waste fats, oils and grease down the sinks and drains.  This just isn’t a restaurant issue, its a household problem too.  If you think about it, there are millions of houses across Ireland, UK and beyond..billions in fact and if we all pour what we think is a small, insignificant amount of waste oil or grease from cooking down our sinks…then can you imagine the mess that is creating underground?

The mixture of waste oils, fats and grease go into our drains, underground tunnels and sewers, even through pump stations and water works clogging up the entire system as the grease and fat cool down and harden.  This hardened lump of fat and grease gets bigger as other undesired items are added to the mix, objects such as plastic, toys, utensils, pens, rubbish, basically anything small “ish” you can think of.

Perhaps the most common item found to be extremely problematic in adding to a fatberg- wet wipes!  Wet wipes are advertised as flush able, but of course- they are anything but.  Wet wipes do not break up like toilet tissue, a wet-wipe stays as a sheet of toughened tissue and sticks to the fat and oil.  Together- fat, oil, grease, undesired objects and wet wipes, make a fierce team under ground with the result being a massive FATBERG blocking systems, roads, drains, streets and day to day business.

Awareness is fantastic, it is exactly what we here in Grease Guardian aim to promote- awareness.  Even the “coolest” radio station, Radio 1 had a broadcast on 3/10/17 on the issue of fatbergs, these few minutes of on air time discussing fatbergs is listened to by millions.  You can listen to the feature HERE Greg James vs. THE FATBERG!

“I’m stood in a mixture of oil, grease and you-know-what!”. Radio history is made as Greg James descends into the London sewer system and comes face-to-face with the notorious mass of congealed fat, detritus, and waste known as a fatberg”

Some news stations and chat shows are even poking fun at the term “fatberg”- Saturday Night Live recently poked fun at the fatberg discovered in Baltimore, you can read the article HERE and make of it what you will.  I suppose all broadcasting on the topic brings awareness.

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