Does your Grease Guardian need some TLC?

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Grease Traps endure a lot of usage, they are in constant need and have become an important piece of equipment within most hard working and busy kitchens globally.  Staff have become reliant on Grease Traps to keep the sinks clear from grease and small waste food sediment.

The Grease Guardian ensures sinks become blockage free and the drainage system remains clear for free flowing water only.  The Automatic Grease Guardian spins off the used grease, fat and oil, while the stainless steel basket within the unit collects all the waste food sediment.

In order for your Grease Guardian to work efficiently, staff MUST carry out a few simple daily maintenance techniques to keep the unit working at its absolute best.

If you have an X Range Grease Guardian click this link for daily maintenance instructions:  Instructions X Range

If you have a D Range Grease Guardian click this link for daily maintenance instructions: Instructions D Range

For Daily Grease Guardian House keeping assistance click this link:  Daily Housekeeping

At Grease Guardian we constantly stress the importance of this daily maintenance being carried out, it only takes a few minutes and makes a massive difference to the quality of the equipment.  If you want more wall chats, help or information regarding daily maintenance please contact our head office on +4428 302 66616 for some helpful advise.  You can also view a quick video on daily maintenance over on our YouTube channel or click HERE.

At Grease Guardian we also advise all units receive a deep clean and desludge at the very least every three months.  Depending on the level of grease, fats and oils being washed down the sink, the unit will need emptying for a deep clean and filled with clean water.

If you need your Grease Guardian unit serviced you can find our nearest approved service engineer here:


To view our service brochure for more information and what a service call out covers, click here:



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