No this is not a case of déjà vu. Another fatberg is causing havoc in London.

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Today BBC news has reported A 250-metre long FATBERG weighing a staggering 130 tonnes has been found blocking a sewer in London.  This is not the first time a FATBERG of such scale has been discovered.

The solid mass of congealed fat, wet wipes, nappies, oil and condoms formed in the Victorian-era tunnel in Whitechapel, London today.  It is a gruesome discovering which will cause havoc with City Centre traffic in the coming days and weeks.  Not only this, but disturbances to businesses, homes and schools will also be evident as the clean up begins.

Thames Water described it as “one of the largest it had seen” and says it will take three weeks to remove.

The company’s head of waste networks Matt Rimmer said: “It’s a total monster and taking a lot of manpower and machinery to remove as it’s set hard.”

The company says fatbergs form when people put things down sinks and toilets that they shouldn’t.  “It’s basically like trying to break up concrete,” Mr Rimmer said.  “It’s frustrating as these situations are totally avoidable and caused by fat, oil and grease being washed down sinks and wipes flushed down the loo”.

“The sewers are not an abyss for household rubbish and our message to everyone is clear – please bin it – don’t block it.”

This message from Thames Water is very clear and is on-going from Thames Water.  Businesses and homes HAVE to stop pouring fats, oils and grease down the sinks and drains.  Also other objects that do not belong in a drain or sewer are being flushed down toilets and sinks and adding to these FATBERG disasters.

A Grease Guardian Automatic Grease Removal System is installed under sink at the source of the problem.


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6) only “treated” water is allowed to drain through the outlet
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