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Grease Guardian is head quartered within the thriving City of Newry at the foot of the Mourne Mountains Co. Down. We love it here, our location is great and we are ideally based to supply and install Grease Guardian to both the North and South of Ireland. We also supply Our Grease Guardian Globally, our international distributor base is growing from strength to strength. We pride this on our GG Team, Innovation and the high end stainless steel quality and functionality of our entire product range.

The Grease Guardian Product Range is ever expanding and innovation is key to our success. Our products are manufactured in our newly updated Production Factory in Malta. It is an exciting industry to be in, kitchen catering equipment is ever improving and impressing.  With an environmental impact as an added factor, our Grease Guardian range is leading the marketing in effective Automatic Grease Removal Systems for food serving establishments of all sizes.

On our very own door step in Ireland, we have had our own fair share of FOG disasters.  Fat, Oil & Grease continually block the drainage systems up and down the country.  At Grease Guardian we continually educate anyone who will listen on the dangers of letting FOG go down the drains.  The hot liquid easily disappears down the plug hole but it soon cools and hardens.  This is added to each day with more oil, grease and fat.  Added to that are wet wipes and all sorts of unsuitable material and objects being disposed of down the drains.  Eventually what you have is a massive drainage blockage which spills up out of drains and over roads, through businesses and homes causing complete havoc.  It is an horrendous mess to clean up.

Installing a Grease Guardian in all food serving establishments coupled with home owners disposing of FOG appropriately would end this massive issue.  Across Ireland we aim to clear up our drainage system one Grease Trap at a time.

If you have any questions or want to chat about what Grease Removal System is best for you, don’t hesitate to give us a call.  We are always happy to advise and help.

Team GG

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