Local people are very much concerned about the state of our drainage systems

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We see it up and down the country and across the globe, suddenly large stores, businesses and roads are closed off because of a massive FATBERG discovered right under our feet!

The public are completely unaware of what really does lay beneath, its a horrible issue but one that brings towns and cities to a stand still if it suddenly erupts from our sewers like a monster.

Fatbergs build in size slowly but surely in our drain pipes, its caused from wet wipes sticking together with grease, fats and oils that have gone down the sinks and cooled, once they cool they stick tight together. This ball of fats and oils grows in size as more and more is flushed down the sinks. Eventually it gets so big that the drainage system becomes blocked and erupts up on to our roads and into buildings.

The destruction a FATBERG can cause is massive! It is such a nasty, horrible issue to tackle and requires large water companies to use up to date equipment and manpower to clear the FATBERG away. This also has a knock on affect on businesses and roads that have to close. If a certain business is found to have been the cause of a FATBERG it may be fined, heavily.

Food serving businesses are expected to have a grease management system in place with best kitchen practices being carried out. They are expected to NOT pour waste fats, oils and grease down the sinks. They are expected to have a Grease Trap installed and to keep it maintained daily. Grease Traps require servicing by a registered company every 3 months to completely empty the trap.

The FATBERG discovered right here in our own city this week took 5 HOURS to clear and caused significant damage. NI Water who had to clear the fatberg away said “Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) when poured down the drain, solidify and can cause serious blockages. Mix that with the usual rubbish we find down there such as baby wipes and sanitary items and you have a recipe for disaster.”

If you are concerned about the level of grease and fats and oils going down your sinks please get in contact for a free consultation to see how we can reduce this. Call us on 302 66616 for a chat or email sales@greaseguardian.com for more information. You can also see all our products online HERE. We provide complete after sales maintenance and servicing for our products.


It is time we all came together to look after our drains before the problem gets worse.


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