You know what causes drain blockages….now what?

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By now we are all just about fed up with hearing about FAT BURGS and Drain Blockages, nasty sewage problems, overflowing sicks and horrible smells of fats, oils and grease and everything else that is shoved down the sinks.  Used Fat, Oil and Grease is a horrible problem, its the very topic that most kitchen staff and managers try to avoid because it is simply not a nice topic.

More and more people hear and see of drain and sewage issues, there are endless blogs and stories spread across newspapers and websites as well as Council and Government websites.  The message is all the same, Stop pouring Grease down the sink.  In many towns and cities the council have made it a legal requirement for food serving establishments to install a grease management program.  But this is just the first step, all grease traps require daily maintenance from kitchen staff and quarterly deep cleaning by a professional grease removal company.

At Grease Guardian, we provide several service options to ensure optimal use of your Grease Trap.  We have a fleet of engineers around Ireland and Northern Ireland, desludging the nastiest grease traps and servicing traps that require a deep clean or parts replaced.  Call us to book a service HERE

For our Grease Guardian units that are installed across England, Europe and beyond we can give you the contact details of service engineers trained on how to service our units:

  • UK 02072216094
  • USA 8006777861
  • N. IRELAND 02830266616
  • Rep. of IRELAND 04830266616
  • AUSTRALIA 1300556628
  • MALTA 21226172

Before installing a grease trap ensure your kitchen is measured and the sink area or oven area where the trap is being installed is measured.  Getting the correct Grease Trap installed is crucial.  We are happy to take your call on any inquires you may have about installing the best Grease Trap for your business.  Or, simply for more information on protecting your drains please contact us and we are happy to advise.


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Our Grease Traps range from the very small…to the very large, a recent install example below:

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20 litre/second grease trap. The Grease Guardian D20 grease removal unit