Fed up with FOG?….So are we

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Here at Grease Guardian we strive to educate people and businesses all about the problems of Grease, but lets face it, Grease isn’t pretty, nor is it exciting or particularly interesting.  When you do need to be interested however, is when your drains are suddenly overflowing with Grease, Fats and Oils.  This is the point when we receive urgent phone calls inquiring on how best to fix the nasty problem ASAP.

In many Cities, including Dublin, FOG (Fats, Oils, Grease) programmes are in place and managed by the council, this means food serving establishments must have a grease management solution.  We know Grease Traps are way down the list when it comes to allocating spending, but we have to face it, our drains really do need protecting, and fast.  What we can’t see on a daily basis is usually forgotten so its our job to remind people of this importance.  I compare it to an over flowing bin, it is emptied regularly because it is visual, but with FOG blocking our drains, we cant see it until its too late.

Don’t be daunted by Grease Guardian, the traps are engineered brilliantly and made durable and simple for the client.  Once neatly installed under your sink or oven, they simply need quick and easy daily maintenance to keep them collecting the grease in vast quantities.  You can view our range of grease traps HERE.


Do I really need a Grease Trap?

If you are unsure if you really need a Grease Trap just give us a quick call +44 (28) 302 66616 and we are happy to advise.

The below picture is an example of a recent installation in to Sydney cricket grounds in Australia.  These D1 models fit neatly under the kitchen benches.

We have a range of units from the very small and mighty for cafes, to the industrial range of basement systems for Hotels and the likes.

Grease traps

Grease Guardian is here to help so please dont hesitate to take a nosy around our website or you can drop us a line to:  sales@greaseguardian.com