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Introducing you to our newest, smallest, most compact Grease Trap 🙂

The introduction of the X7 Combi Guardian was an absolute relief for cafes and restaurants on the hunt for a compact solution to their nasty Grease problems. The X7 is a solid Grease Trap, built to last and withstand all the Grease from multiple Combi ovens. It truly is compact at only 372 mm tall and 615 mm long. But don’t be fooled by the unique design of the X7 and this is why.

The X7 Combi Guardian is a fully automated grease removal system, that’s right…the X7 does it all alone. The new PLC controller has multiple skimming settings to suit your needs. The settings are easily adjusted to suit your kitchen routine. The Dry basket solids strainer makes for improved hygiene as the solid sediment is kept above water level leaving it easy to remove and dispose of into a bin.

There is an automatic surface scum wash with level replenishment for low flow applications (when connecting low flow combi ovens) which keeps the unit completely scum free so there are no nasty blockages or smells. Absolutely no internal tank user access required for the daily maintenance of this trap which means kitchen staff spend their time doing their job instead of ours.

The X7 Combi Guardian is designed with a universal flow direction, so no matter where the Grease is being produced, the X7 is on the job. Pipework and electrical connections are concealed from view leaving the X7 extremely easy on the eye and neatly positioned where it should be. You have the option to include an air blower system upgrade, just to really keep the skimming process slick.

Click HERE to view the X7 Combi Guardian Brochure

Click HERE to watch a short promotional clip of the X7 Combi Guardian

……..Trust us, you will be impressed.