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Grease Traps can help fight the FOG

FOG waste can form a fatberg

If you have been following our FOG blog recently then you will be aware that fatbergs are still a problem for many busy cities and the sewer systems.  Grease traps can help in the fight against fatbergs and to limit the amount of FOG waste entering the sewage system.  Toronto city has a mixture of two different types of sewer systems to process water and waste.

The first system is a combined sewer which handles both sanitary and storm drainage flow.  The combined sewer system is mostly found in the older developments or areas of the city.  The second type is a separated sewer system that handles sanitary waste and storm water separately.


A purpose built tunnel system was built to help the city during heavy rain season to store water in the tanks and avoid excess flooding.  Once any solids have settled in the tank and the water has been treated it is then released.  Unfortunately for many water authorities it is not only waste water that enters the system, Fats, oil and Grease (FOG) waste is found in the sewer system and problems such as fatbergs and flooding can be the result.


Households can help by not flushing oils or grease down the toilet or sink.  More FOG reducing tips can be found in previous blogs on the website.  More local authorities are now requiring commercial kitchens to install and maintain a grease trap to stop unnecessary waste entering the sewage system.  Failure to comply can result in fines and more visits!!

Luckily Grease Guardian offers a range of grease traps that are suitable for commercial kitchens. Information and specification on the product range can be found on the Grease Guardian website.



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