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Grease removal device service

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For restaurants, hotels and food establishments Christmas time is a busy period with kitchens working to cater for Christmas dinners and staff parties.  With an increase in trade and plates being served more FOG waste will be produced during this period.

A grease trap or grease interceptor is designed to intercept Grease, Fats and Oils (FOG) before they enter the wastewater system.  Fats, Oil and Grease do not mix with water and will rise to the top of the tank.  The clear water will then escape under an outlet baffle.

It is often assumed that an automatic grease trap does not need to be emptied.  Automatic units remove around 95% of free-floating grease every day. Some grease remains in the tank as does some fine sediment. The unit should be fully emptied once or twice a year. Some authorities will prefer this to be done every three months.


To maintain the highest level of performance from the grease trap regular servicing is required.  In some cities it is a requirement to get a grease trap serviced every three months.  To ensure you are complaint and the grease trap is operating efficiently Grease Guardian offers a range of service options.

Grease Guardian can provide a service quote for an annual service agreement which not only plans for preventive maintenance but will give you peace of mind that the grease trap is being serviced correctly.

We also offer a full range of kitchen solutions which can help to reduce FOG waste, stop blockages and stay compliant!  Our range of products include food strainer, waste coffee traps and grease traps.

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