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We normally talk about all these related to grease traps and FOG and a number of articles online highlighted that wet-wipes are now adding to the fatberg problem. Last year sales for wet-wipes reached over 2 billion dollars in the US.


Experts are now calling for more information and labelling to appear on wet-wipe packets highlighting that they are not biodegradable.  Most people assume that wet-wipes will breakdown and are flushable.  Recent discoveries of fatbergs formed from FOG waste and wet-wipes highlight they do not break down.  Wet-wipes have been found clogging pipes and pumps leading to down time and heavy maintenance work.  It is estimated that water authorities spend over 80 million pounds each year tackling the problem.

Fatbergs are typically found in hot spots i.e. in an area populated with takeaways and restaurants.  In recent years local authorities are now requiring restaurants and food establishment to introduce a FOG management system and install a grease trap.  Grease Guardian supplies both manual and automatic grease traps and more information on our waste management products can be found on our website.


If you own a Grease Guardian grease trap when was this last serviced?  We offer a number of service packages to help you maintain your grease trap.  From one-off calls to pre-planned services we can help tailor a service package to suit your business.

We can plan and arrange an engineer to visit your site routinely and help you remain complaint in areas where service inspections are mandatory.

If you would like more information on any of our products or service packages please contact us.

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See you again next week and last week’s blog can help with any questions you have regarding your grease trap and when it’s time to get it serviced.