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Grease Trap Service

When was the last time the grease trap in your kitchen was serviced?  If you can’t remember the date it might be time to book a service.

At Grease Guardian we offer a number of service packages to help you maintain your grease trap.   Our service options range from a one time callout to pre-planned service visits to help your business remain complaint in areas where service inspections are mandatory.  This is important if you are in an area that runs a FOG programme to avoid fines.

Pre-planned services help keep the Grease Guardian working efficiently but what happens if this is not done?  The problems can range from blocked pipes, bad smells in the kitchen, flooding and problems in the main sewer system which can cause problems for everyone on the area. Blocked sewers can also attract vermin to the area!

Daily Housekeeping for Grease Trap

Below are some daily housekeeping tips to help maintain your grease trap:

  • Empty solid waste from the strainer basket into the bin
  • Ensure grease from the collection container is emptied or recycled
  • Clean the wiper blades on the grease trap and remember to put them back on!
  • Limit the amount of solids and coffee grounds being washed down the sink

With more local authorities now introducing and enforcing FOG programmes if you have a grease trap installed you are a step ahead of some restaurants.  Local authorities identified Oxford as a hot spot area due to the amount of problem and blockages in the sewage system.  Over 80 % of food establishments did not correctly dispose FOG waste or have a grease trap installed.  Grease, Fats and Oil waste was being poured down drains and sinks.

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