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GGX15 Grease Guardian Grease Trap 2

GGX15 Grease Guardian Grease Trap 2

FOG is a problem that is not going away.  Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) in high quantities cause a major problem to the sewage system when they harden and stick to the pipes in the sewage system.

Cities such as London, New York, Dallas, Melbourne and Dublin have all had FOG problems over the last few years.  In Chelsea a fatberg the size of five porches bonded by wet wipes was found clogging the sewage system which caused the sewage pipe to collapse under the weight of the fatberg.  The fatberg was 40 metres long and cost £400,000 to fix.  Residents have since been warned not to flush wet wipes down the toilet.  The introduction of a grease traps or a grease removal system for local food establishments and restaurants would have helped in the fight against FOG.  A grease removal system is designed to prevent FOG from going down the drain.  It is important that the correct size of grease removal device is fitted, if the flow is too great the grease will not separate in time.

Local authorities are now taking the approach that education and preventative measures is the first step to reduce the problem.  Installation of grease traps and educating both residents and local business owners on correct waste management will help to stop the problem at the source.  Since Dublin city has introduced a FOG programme the reduction in fatbergs has been significant.

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