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Another city in the UK has been attacked by the Fatberg!!

Engineers in Durham had to dig through thirty yards of grease to remove a blockage that resulted in the drain collapsing. The source of the problem is believed to be due to local residents pouring fat down the drains over a period of years. A fatberg is a congealed lump of fat, oil and grease which causes blockages when combined with household waste.

Fatbergs are becoming a major problem especially in built up areas in the UK such as London. In the last two years fatbergs the size of a double decker bus and one the length of a jumbo jet were removed from the sewers. It is now an ongoing battle for some cities to keep the sewers from clogging up using high powered hoses, spades and in some cases chemicals to ensure a fatberg does not accumulate.

Dublin has now taken action on the problem and introduced a FOG programme after they found more occurrences of FOG problems in areas where there was a high concentration of food establishments. The FOG programme requires food establishments to install and maintain grease traps and to get any FOG waste disposed by authorised waste companies.

So what can be done to reduce the FOG problems? For restaurants and food establishments using a Grease Trap will help. A grease trap works by restricting the amount of FOG that enters the sewage system. Grease in the wastewater floats to the surface and is trapped allowing clean water to enter the drainage system.

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