Cape Town, South Africa not maintaining GRU’s? Grease Guardian can help!

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Like many cities around the world, Cape Town in South Africa has been having a problem with the build-up of fats, oils and grease (FOG) in their sewer network. To help manage this and promote a cleaner environment, the city of Cape Town has been carrying out an audit on Camps Bay restaurants. Camps Bay Beach is one of the largest offending areas in South Africa. After the audit had taken place, it was established that most restaurants had a grease trap “but the maintenance thereof could be improved”.

Mayco member for utility services, Ernest Sonnenberg, stated that inspections of the restaurants grease traps are necessary as the formation of grease (fatbergs) in the sewers reduces sewer capacity, causes blockages, has harmful effects on pumps and reduces the efficiency and effectiveness of waste water treatment plants. We at FM Environmental can relate to this as we work with both pumping systems and wastewater treatment plants and have seen first-hand the harmful effects grease can have on these systems. As a matter of fact, this was one of the main reasons the Grease Guardian Department and range of products were established- to increase the efficiency of our other products.

All of the Camps Bay restaurants are advised to scrape and rinse their dirty plates and cutlery before washing them and must have their oil collected by a licensed waste collector. They are also required to fit sink strainers into their sink plug holes. To help enforce these laws, fines and fees have been put in place for businesses that don’t abide by the newly introduced legislation.

We at Grease Guardian see ourselves as a one stop shop for all of the components that have been mentioned above. Our automatic range of GGX or D-Range grease traps can be fitted under a sink to stop FOG from going down into the sewer lines. The ST1 sink strainers can be fitted into a sink to stop food waste from going down the plug hole. We also offer an all-inclusive aftersales service contract that gives our customers peace of mind regarding their grease trap. The service contract involves having one of our highly trained engineers coming out to site and carrying out a full mechanical and electrical service and a complete desludge of the unit. This will keep you within the boundaries of the grease trap legislation restrictions that your local area may have.

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